About Us

Hello. I hope you’ve enjoyed looking around my website!

I’ve been producing wedding films forĀ 13 years, and in that time have made more thanĀ 200 films. I first got into making wedding films after videoing a few for friends who, knowing that I’d studied something to do with filming and photography, asked me to bring a camcorder along to their wedding day as a favour – and I really enjoyed it! I found that the part of the experience that I enjoyed the most was the opportunity to tell a story, and it’s the story telling element of my job that I think of as the most valuable both to my own job satisfaction, and with regard to the finished film that I give to every couple I work for. That said, it’s not just about the story that’s there to tell, but also HOW you tell it. I’ve been into photography and film for 22 years, studying it at school, then at university, so I know that the technical and aesthetic parts to any film are also very important too. I believe that a wedding film is an investment and will increase in value as the years go on and it’s with this in mind that I go about making my films, taking in excess of 40 hours to complete each one. My approach to filming on the day is definitely unobtrusive as I tend to stay in the background capturing events as they happen in front of me. It’s mainly because of this that the final films that I produce feel very natural. The other reason for this is that I keep effects down to a minimum in the edit, and only apply them if they enhance the story. I can safely say that ALL the films I produce are unique, mainly due to the fact that ALL the weddings days that I film are unique so as long as I stick to the story I can’t go wrong.

If you’re interested in booking, please drop me an email to firstly find out if i’m available. If I am available then the next stage is normally to have an informal chat over the phone. There’s only so much info that I can give you (and this is all on this website) before I need to know a bit more about your day, and what you’re after, so the chat over the phone is a pretty important part of the process. The other option is to arrange a meeting in person. I normally come out to see potential customers, but you can also come to the office here in Wrington.