Short Form Wedding Film

Short Form Wedding Film

Short Form Wedding Film: Every Short Form Film is different from the next one, simply because every wedding is different. My job is to capture what’s in front of me as beautifully and effectively as possible, and not to contrive any situations, and end up being too formulaic. Sometimes I try new things in the edit (see Scrabble title intro on Fran & Luke’s wedding film – inspired by their scrabble letters table plan), and everything I do will come to you in draft form first so that you can add your input before the final copies are made (thankfully, I don’t get many requests for changes!)

As you can see from the examples here, my films tend to focus on the day as a whole, and as experienced by everyone (guests and couple) rather than being solely about the Bride and Groom. If you would like me to change the focus, or have any creative preferences, then i’m completely open to suggestions.

In the Short Form film package, you’ll receive the following:

3 x DVD’s containing the final film + speeches + highlights film

All the films in HD .mp4 (Final 25 minute film, full speeches, full ceremony (single camera edit), Highlights Film)