Wedding Packages & Pricing

Whatever package you choose, you’ll receive my full attention and commitment to making a very special film for you. A typical wedding shoot consists of the following: Me, an assistant, 1 Canon Eos C100 mk ii, 2 x Canon 5d mk iii DSLR’s, , 1 x GoPro, a few radio mics, a couple of tripods, a slider…and a lot of inconspicuous behavior and hard graft from the moment we arrive to the moment we leave. Your final films, or photos, will be presented on a USB stick, packaged in a presentation box. Below is our price list. Please get in contact if you’d like more specific information about what you’ll received in each package.

Short Film £1400.00                             with photography  £2000.00

This film is fast becoming our most popular one – it’s amazing how much can be fitted in a 12 minutes! You’ll get the usual ten or so hours of coverage on the day, with me (Chris) behind the camera. The final film consists of snippets of the speeches, around two minutes of the ceremony,  and the highlights of the rest of the day – the perfect way to relive the day in about the same time it takes to drink a leisurely cup of tea! Short enough to share with friends on Social Media, but long enough to provide you with a comprehensive document of your day. Not only do you have the 12 minute film to watch, you’ll also receive the full ceremony, speeches, and first dance, (captured with 1 camera, but using all the usual professional audio equipment).

Click here for an example of the Short Film

12 minute film

Ceremony, speeches and first dance filmed with 1 camera

1 camera operator

The Wedding Film £1800.00                              with photography £2600.00

This is currently our most popular package, and involves filming coverage of around 10 hours, 2 or 3 cameras, and results in a beautiful 30 minute film consisting of around 5 minutes of the ceremony, with the rest being all the other shots + bits of the speeches etc. You also get the full speeches, ceremony, and first dance  as separate films, as well as a 3 – 5 minute highlights film.

30 minute film

Ceremony, speeches, and first dance filmed in full with 1 camera + two other cameras pick up other shots.

2 camera operators

Highlights Film

Click here for some examples of The Wedding Film


Full Film £2300.00                            with photography £3100.00

This is our fullest ‘package’ (ie more bespoke options can be added to this package), and involves filming coverage of around 10 hours, multiple cameras, and results in a more traditionally flowing film that runs through the day chronologically. The final film mainly consists of small 5 minute chapters for each part of the day, plus the ceremony, speeches, and first dance in full, and captured using 3 or more cameras. This package is designed with very large weddings in mind, or for people who really don’t want to miss a thing! 🙂

2 hours (approx) final film

Ceremony, speeches, and first dance filmed in full with 3 or more cameras

2 camera operators

Highlights Film



Photography & Highlights Film £1700.00

Mainly consisting of photography, this package is for couples who would like their wedding photographed by my wife Anneke & myself, but would also like a short highlights film made (much like the ones on this website). You will also receive the full ceremony, speeches, and first dance, captured with 1 camera, much like the Extended Highlights film.

5 minute film

Ceremony, speeches, and first dance filmed with 1 camera

1 camera operator/photographer + 1 dedicated photographer.

You’ll receive around 500 edited photographs, presented on a memory stick. For Anneke’s blog, click here.


Guest Messages £150.00

We’ll set up a manned camera in a quieter space, and invite guests to come and leave a message. This is done after the wedding breakfast, and the aim is to get most of the messages filmed before the first dance. Guests are invited to leave whatever sort of message they want (Fun, sincere, strange, a song, a dance, a mime!..) and the results are often a mixture of all of these 🙂