Wedding Packages & Pricing

Whatever package you choose, you’ll receive my full attention and commitment to making a very special film for you. A typical wedding shoot consists of the following: Me, sometimes an assistant, 1 Canon Eos C100 mk ii, 2 x Canon 5d mk iii DSLR’s, , 1 x GoPro, a few radio mics, a couple of tripods, a slider…and a lot of inconspicuous behavior and hard graft from the moment we arrive to the moment we leave. Your final films, or photos, will be presented on a USB stick, packaged in a presentation box.

We try and keep the packages as simple as possible. Besides the ‘Full Film’, the below packages are essentially the same, in terms of the amount of time and effort that goes into filming on the day, the style of the films (unless requested otherwise), and the other contents of the package. The main difference between them all is the length of the final film. All the packages come with a one or two camera edit of the the full ceremony, speeches, and first dance included as separate films.  The times that I’ve given are an estimation of their final length. Your film won’t be less than the time given, but may sometimes be a bit more.


5 minute film.                                                                                                          £800.00

12 minute film                                                                                                          £1400.00

30 minute film + 3 minute highlights film.                                                              £1750.00

30 minute film + 3 minute highlights film + second camera person                        £1900.00

The Full Film                                                                                                             £2300.00

The Full Film package is designed with very large weddings in mind, or for people who really don’t want to miss a thing! 🙂 Shot with multiple cameras, the format of this film is more traditionally flowing, and runs through the day chronologically, using small 5-ish minute chapters for each part of the day. The ceremony, speeches, and first dance are all shot using 3 or 4 cameras, and a second camera operator is used.

Photography                                                                                                             £750.00/£900.00/£1200.00

You can either have us photograph your wedding as part of a combination package (film+photography), or as a standalone service. As a combination, add £750.00 to any of the filming packages, or as a standalone it’s £900.00. The combination packages are covered by my wife, Anneke, and the standalone packages are covered mainly by myself. Having both of us photograph your wedding is £1200.00.

The photography package includes up to 10 hours coverage, between 300 and 600 individually edited photos and an online gallery with free downloads. You also receive the photos on a usb stick.


Guest Messages £150.00

We’ll set up a manned camera in a quieter space, and invite guests to come and leave a message. This is done after the wedding breakfast, and the aim is to get most of the messages filmed before the first dance. Guests are invited to leave whatever sort of message they want (Fun, sincere, strange, a song, a dance, a mime!..) and the results are often a mixture of all of these 🙂

General guidelines – Which package is right for you?

Most of my summer weddings are the 12 minute film. These are typically weddings with 60 to 120 guests. The 30 minute films are generally purchased by people who have larger weddings (100+ guests), or just want to see more of their wedding. With a second camera person we can capture more moments, and also be at two places at once, if need be. The combination of photography plus the 5 minute film is also very popular.

Please feel free to get in touch if you have any questions, or specific requirements. Thanks.